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"Like love, tabla is simple yet profound. The rules we learn in the beginning must eventually be abandoned for pure expression from the heart." -- Nawaz Mirajkar

The magical sounds of Tabla are rich and vast like its home land India. With these two drums, a true tabla maestro can produce more tones than can be found in any other percussions in the world. Ever since its invention in the 16th century by the Amir Khusro, Tabla has become the most popular accompanying percussion instrument in the Hindustani style of music; be it vocal or instrumental, classical or popular or even folk.

Travel along with Nawaz Mirajkar and his journey with Tabla through this pages!

"I feel proud of SRI, NAWAZ MIRAJKAR, for his talent and skill on Music (TABLA): he is dedicated and sincere about his work. ..." -- Pandit Anindo Chatterjee


  • Launch of New website

    Oct 24, 2012

  • Navarathri Celebrations at TFA, Singapore

    Oct 24, 2012